Evaluation Building Blocks: A guide

With colleagues from Kinnect Group we published an e-book on the use of rubrics in evaluation.

Download your copy here

The Kinnect Group developed the ideas in this book over ten years of collaboration. This e-book was a recommended reading in the Better Evaluation Christmas reading list. Better Evaluation is a website which collects best evaluation practice from around the globe.  It aims to build “evaluation practice, evaluation capacity strengthening and research and development in evaluation”.


Better Evaluation reviewer, Patricia Rogers, commented

[The guide} is particularly strong [for developing] a framework to assess performance. [It]… has detailed examples of using global scales (rubrics) to synthesise both quantitative and qualitative data... [It helps] to avoid the common problems caused by replying only on Key Performance Indicators and targets... I’d especially recommend it in terms of developing a framework for evaluating performance.