Our work

Our work draws together various complexity concepts, theories, and approaches which we couple with evaluation and research expertise to meet to clients’ needs.

Here we provide an overview of the breadth and depth of our work with clients. Some projects span over several years.

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Complexity framing

Pragmatica draws on a range of complexity framing approaches in our work. Collaborating with others offers the opportunity to share and develop new ideas and approaches.

Check out some of our recent work which helped surface new thoughts on complexity framing to address systems change.

Topic areas include:

  • Contracting public health and social services: Insights from complexity theory for Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Working with collaborative stakeholder groups
  • Evaluating in uncertainty: The curse of the wicked problem
  • Evaluation in complex situations


We showcase a selection of published evaluation projects completed by Pragmatica, in collaboration with others.

Evaluation Projects

We showcase a selection of published evaluation projects completed by Pragmatica, in collaboration with others.  Projects include:

  • Talanoa Ako (PowerUP) 
  • Envirolink Evaluation
  • Sustainable Farming Fund Evaluation   
  • Evaluation of stakeholder perceptions of the implementation of the Waste Minimisation Act
  • Regional Growth Programme Evaluation

Evaluation Rubrics

Pragmatica is well known for using rubrics in evaluation, having used them for over a decade. Judy regularly mentors others in their use.

This section includes many of the key publications and presentations developed over time, in collaboration with others. 

Topic areas include:

  • Use of evaluation rubrics
  • Evaluation building blocks: a guide
  • Chapter on evaluation in "Social science research in New Zealand: An Introduction"
  • Evaluation rubrics: how to ensure transparent and clear assessment that respects diverse lines of evidence
  • Rubrics: A Method for Surfacing Values and Improving the Credibility of Evaluation; Journal of MultiDisciplinary Evaluation
  • Providing mentoring support to develop rubrics

Research projects

A selection of research projects that have been published by clients., including:

  • Talanoa Ako (PowerUP): case studies and exemplars / Pasifika education success

  • Leadership Practices Supporting Pasifika Student Success

  • Rangiātea: case studies and exemplars / Māori education success

  • Wellington’s knowledge economy — coming to grips with technology change 


Sensemaking is a key part of Pragmatica’s process in undertaking evaluation and consulting assignments. Pragmatica uses tools such as rich pictures, pattern spotting and strategic foresight to make sense in uncertain and unpredictable settings.

This section provides insights into our journey developing tools and methodologies to help clients make sense of complexity.

Topics include:

  • Rich pictures: The use of Soft Systems Methodology in evaluation
  • Pattern spotting as a sensemaking tool in evaluation
  • Strategic foresight as a tool for envisioning evaluation in the future


Our Archive contains a bibliography of:

  • Peer-reviewed articles and publications
  • Conference presentations
  • Recent published research and evaluation reports which have been made publicly available