How we work

We are flexible in how we engage with you and your team. Some of the ways we can work with you include…

Bespoke projects

Bespoke projects range from large scale evaluation projects over more than a year with many collaborators, to small projects over a few days run with one or two other consultants.

Services are provided under contract. We have ways of contracting to accommodate uncertain and unpredictable situations. 

Strategic Advice

At times clients require strategic advice at specific times on a project. In this instance advice is contracted over a fixed period, with a retainer each month. At other times, the arrangement is more ad hoc. 

Both options are available and are charged monthly on a time spent basis up to a
specified fee.

Work as part of your team

When we work as part of your team, Pragmatica is contracted to provide a particular role within a team, but undertakes the services from our own offices. 

Time is charged monthly on a time spent basis, up to a specified fee.

Mentoring and coaching

Pragmatica offers mentoring and coaching advice sessions. At the start of the assignment, we agree on the partipant’s goals and determine if coaching or mentoring is required.

The participant can either request regular sessions, or as and when needed sessions. Sessions are generally held by Zoom.

Time is charged monthly on a time spent basis, up to a specified fee.