Change is speeding up for managers in government and community sector organisations.

Deciding what to do is harder in a complex and unpredictable world. Some of our traditional approaches no longer serve us well, conflicting views may all seem reasonable, and information may be incomplete. Collaborators may disagree – making it difficult to move forward.

You want quicker and simpler ways to make sense in uncertainty.

That’s where we can help…

Pragmatica combines evaluation, research and facilitation methods with approaches from the complexity sciences. This helps us address your questions in ways that are innovative while allowing for real-world time and budget constraints.

Gain clarity on what’s happening, navigate what’s emerging, and make wise decisions.

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Focussed evaluation skills development helps do more with less

Public sector agencies and NGOs have new challenges to show how effective their programmes are. These organizations must show who benefits from their programmes and in what context. Where an evaluatiRead more

Inspiring farm community led environmental action

Many New Zealand farmers are keen to understand better the environmental challenges they are experiencing on their farms and be able to respond to them. Supported by Thriving Southland through theRead more

Growing evaluation capability through mentoring

Pragmatica Director Judy Oakden has recently started leading a 2023-2024 mentoring group focussing on complexity in evaluation as part of the mentoring programme for Australian Evaluation Society (AERead more

New perspective on public sector contracting

Many managers in the public sector are being asked to commission and contract in ways that are more flexible. In doing so, they can find themselves on the margins.  Pragmatica recently facilitatedRead more

Extending opportunities to improve children's reading achievement in Pacific communities

Pragmatica was pleased to be asked to prepare a case study to show how an innovative reading programme has extended its reach in partnership with churches within the Samoan community. The readingRead more

The difference that makes a difference

Farming faces a time of major change in the external expectations about how land managers run their businesses. In response, farmers want to understand better and respond to the environmentalRead more

Maintaining learning momentum within Pacific communities during COVID-19 lockdown

Te Tāhuhu o te Mātauranga | Ministry of Education recently published a series of case studies prepared by Pragmatica showing the different and innovative ways education and learning was maintainedRead more

Supporting parents and whānau to effectively raise their children’s reading achievement

Children from Aotearoa New Zealand are falling behind other countries in literacy measures. There is an ongoing lack of equity in student outcomes, particularly for Māori and Pacific children. DoingRead more

Exploring what COVID-19 means for evaluation

While COVID-19 has significantly disrupted our lives, a closer inspection shows we are not all impacted in the same ways. For example, some groups have experienced enormous financial and socialRead more

A complexity view of contracting public health services

Public health and social services are often hard to specify, complex to deliver and challenging to measure. This research uses a complexity theory-informed lens to explore the challenges andRead more

Videoconferencing: the new normal for getting work done

Working online and working at home are not new to us, and probably aren’t to you either. But suddenly we find ourselves doing it more, and under different circumstances. For example, meetings,Read more

Envirolink Evaluation completed

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) commissioned Pragmatica to review the Envirolink Fund. The review aimed to inform MBIE of how well the Envirolink Fund operates and whether Read more

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