Inspiring farm community led environmental action

Many New Zealand farmers are keen to understand better the environmental challenges they are experiencing on their farms and be able to respond to them. Supported by Thriving Southland through the Change and Innovation Project, many Southland farmers are highly engaged in accessing and interpreting new, relevant science and making the necessary changes to support thriving farming businesses.

Pragmatica recently prepared a further case study on the work of Thriving Southland highlighting the ongoing success of their community led response to environmental challenges. The latest 2023 case study, Inspiring community action: Thriving Southland provides extension to farmers and the Southland community,  can be found here.

Thriving Southland is a community-led group with a vision to create a prosperous Southland, healthy people, healthy environment from the mountains to the sea. By working together, Thriving Southland’s communities aim to create a better future for all by protecting Southland’s prosperity, heritage, environment and health.

The latest 2023 case study shows how some farmers are becoming better equipped to address the challenges they are facing. By understanding the science that is specific to their catchment area they can make innovative farming decisions. The latest 2023 case study builds on an evaluation of the Change and Innovation Project completed in 2022 and shows the benefits to the Southland farming community from participating in Catchment Groups.