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Many New Zealand farmers are keen to understand better the environmental challenges they are experiencing on their farms and be able to respond to them. Supported by Thriving Southland through the Change and Innovation Project, many Southland farmers are highly engaged in ac...
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Pragmatica was pleased to be asked to prepare a case study to show how an innovative reading programme has extended its reach in partnership with churches within the Samoan community.The reading programme, Reading Together® Te Pānui Ngātahi, is a research-based and c...
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Farming faces a time of major change in the external expectations about how land managers run their businesses. In response, farmers want to understand better and respond to the environmental challenges they are experiencing on their farms. Despite regulatory uncertainty, ma...
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Te Tāhuhu o te Mātauranga | Ministry of Education recently published a series of case studies prepared by Pragmatica showing the different and innovative ways education and learning was maintained within the Pacific community during the COVID-19 lockdown.The init...
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