Public sector agencies and NGOs have new challenges to show how effective their programmes are. These organizations must show who benefits from their programmes and in what context. Where an evaluation has yet to be done, resource constraints mean teams may need fast methods...
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Pragmatica Director Judy Oakden has recently started leading a 2023-2024 mentoring group focussing on complexity in evaluation as part of the mentoring programme for Australian Evaluation Society (AES) members.  The AES Group Mentoring Program is an innovative onli...
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Commissioning and contracting to enhance service delivery: learnings from practice and theory for funders, service providers and evaluators

Many managers in the public sector are being asked to commission and contract in ways that are more flexible. In doing so, they can find themselves on the margins. Pragmatica recently facilitated training for public servants and evaluators. We explored why some of the c...
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