New perspective on public sector contracting

Commissioning and contracting to enhance service delivery: learnings from practice and theory for funders, service providers and evaluators

Many managers in the public sector are being asked to commission and contract in ways that are more flexible. In doing so, they can find themselves on the margins. 

Pragmatica recently facilitated training for public servants and evaluators. We explored why some of the contracting systems and processes that we have work in the way they do.

  • By putting on a different pair of glasses “complexity lenses” we can saw aspects of contracting differently.

  • Using a complexity lens we generated alternative possibilities, framing contracting differently

  • Although we can't change the whole system, we identified where we can have influence to get some improvements within the current system.

Designed for funders, providers and evaluators, the online workshops formed part of the Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association (ANZEA) 2023 Professional Development workshops and training programme. 

The sessions explored new approaches to commissioning and contracting, as well as the factors that can facilitate or hinder service delivery. The training offered new insights into contracting out which can help ensure service users can access the services they are entitled to, using real-world examples.

The workshops were successful and well rated by participants. They said the workshops were well paced, useful and relevant.

Pragmatica is pleased to offer this training to groups of funders, providers and evaluators. The training can be delivered as two half days either online or in person.

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