Focussed evaluation skills development helps do more with less

Public sector agencies and NGOs have new challenges to show how effective their programmes are. These organizations must show who benefits from their programmes and in what context. Where an evaluation has yet to be done, resource constraints mean teams may need fast methods to collect data, analyse it, and draw evaluative conclusions.

Judy Oakden, the Director of Pragmatica, has developed a workshop suitable for public sector agencies and NGOs to help programme teams draw findings from the data they may already have.

  • Workshop topics covered include exploring:

  • Different approaches to evaluation

  • What an evaluation question is – writing Key Evaluation Questions

  • What 'good' looks like  

  • Sources of data and common data collection methods

  • Synthesis and analysis – making judgements

  • How to make sense of the data you have gathered to make a good evaluative judgement

  • What good reporting looks like.

Drawing on years of evaluation expertise Judy can curate the course content to ensure participants gain practical insights relevant to their work. Judy can use in-house examples as a case study.

Feedback from a recent workshop was:  “Thank you so much … for the excellent workshop. We really feel like we’ve made great progress in two days, and there was lots of subsequent discussion.”

Focused skills development can help you do more with available resources. To build your organisation's evaluation capabilities when budgets are tight, consider connecting with Judy. She can create learning goals and session material tailored to your specific needs. Click here to enquire about how Judy and Pragmatica can help you.