Our facilitation

Facilitation examples  

Pragmatica has a depth and breadth of experience with a range of facilitation approaches. The team regularly undertakes in-depth interviews, focus groups or more comprehensive group workshops with up to 30 people. Pragmatica has systems and processes to ensure that everybody participates in the sessions. These generative sessions:

  • surface ideas and possibilities for seemingly intractable issues

  • help participants choose wise courses of action and starting points for action.

Because Pragmatica draws on complexity framing, the team can often identify linkages that others might not see. Clients say this is where Pragmatica adds value to their work.

The following snapshots give you an idea of how Pragmatica works with clients to achieve their facilitation needs.

Larger group workshops to explore an idea

Pragmatica can work with large groups to puzzle through aspects of policy or programme strategy, design or implementation. Our larger sessions have been with 30+ people, but more regularly we work with 15 – 30 people in a session. We have different approaches we can use to keep the energy high, ideas flowing and make the sessions worthwhile for all who attend.

“The energy levels were still high at the end of the session. I think this is because we had a big enough room, had lots of variety in the activities we did, and people were moving around.” (Previous workshop participant).

Workshops to develop outcome logic models

Pragmatica works with teams in workshops to build outcome logic models. These sessions work best with between 10 and 20 people, bringing diverse perspectives.

Clients appreciate our support which allows them to:

  • quickly and systematically identify the different elements to include in the logic

  • use a proven process to work through, capture, and document the key aspects

  • avoid being overwhelmed, and stay on track.

“I usually hate using post it notes, but the way you used them was effective and enjoyable.”   (Previous workshop participant)

Focus Groups and in-depth interviews

Pragmatica has many years of experience running focus groups and in-depth interviews on many topics. We do this face-to-face, on Zoom/Teams or by phone. Focus groups and in-depth interviews can be helpful for:

  • scoping new ideas or challenges to achieve a breadth of input

  • getting detail from a range of partners and stakeholders

  • getting quick feedback

“I like the way you have set up the small group sessions. I feel I have been able to talk – [and] that doesn’t happen in the bigger group settings.”   (Previous workshop participant)

What our participants say overall…

 "The structure of the workshop - presentation; individual reflection, interaction - was ideal."

 "Process used, tools, write ups and even this survey have all been excellent.  Most engaging  - and useful - workshops I've been to in years! "

“This session was really useful. I got a lot out of coming today. I’m glad I came.”

If you're interested in learning more about how Judy and Pragmatica can help you achieve your workshop outcomes, contact us today.