Mentoring & Coaching

Mentoring and Coaching Examples

With many years of experience, Pragmatica Director Judy Oakden frequently provides mentoring and coaching services within public sector agencies or private organisations to:

  • evaluators and researchers

  • programme managers and operations teams

Judy sometimes acts as a sounding board for people working alone who feel relatively isolated, providing them with a friendly, reflective ear. At other times, she collaborates with teams to help them work through areas they may need help to get traction on. Judy finds working with people on live projects is a powerful way to ensure applied and practical learning while making progress.

Both she and her clients are often pleasantly surprised at how much traction they can get within just a few hours. Here are examples of the kind of mentoring and coaching activities she has undertaken:                                     

Providing a sounding board for senior researchers & evaluators

Evaluators and programme managers were grappling with turning the data collected into useful reporting. By supporting the teams to explore the data they had, (rather than focusing on what they did not have), they realised they had enough data to tell a compelling performance story.  

Supporting a programme manager implement their programme of work

A programme manager new to a programme obtained support to plan the evaluation aspects of their work in a cost and time efficient way. This meant they had useful data for senior leaders when needed. By having regular discussions, Pragmatica helped them identify the opportunities for data collection as they occurred.

Mentoring a mid-level consultant into leadership

A mid-level consultant in a very challenging role sought mentoring as a sounding board for their challenges. We had a series of discussions about roles of consultants at different stages in their careers and some specifics on different aspects of evaluation. This allowed the consultant to make sense of their circumstances and choose wise courses of action when they might otherwise have been overwhelmed.

What our clients say…

"Discussing this with you has been super helpful, and I feel reassured of the decisions I have made."  (Mentee)

"These sessions are some of the best PD I have ever had."  (Coaching participant)

If you're interested in learning more about how Judy and Pragmatica can help you achieve your personal or organizational goals, contact us today.